Overwatch developer Blizzard has announced that the game’s Winter Wonderland event is set to take place once again, bringing new and old skins to the game and a Mei-themed game mode.

Winter Wonderland is set to hit Overwatch on December 12 and, according to Jeff Kaplan, a bunch of new and old skins will be coming to the game including legendary skins for “two of our favourite junkers” – here’s hoping for a Roadhog Santa costume. There’s also word that a winter-themed Hanzo costume is on the way.

Various maps will also have a winter makeover including King’s Row and Hanamura as well as an update for Black Forest. Speaking of which, Black Forest will be the setting for the return of Mei’s Snowball Offensive. What’s more another new Mei-themed mode is being added called Mei’s Yeti Hunt.

In Mei’s Yeti Hunt five Mei players will be battling against one Yeti-themed Winston, all controlled by different players. Mei’s job is to hunt down Winston, while Winston tries his best to stay undetected and hidden, snacking on meat. Once all of the meat has been snacked-upon, Winston’s Primal Rage mode is activated and it’s up to the Mei team to survive.

Check this info and more in the developer diary below:

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