Microsoft and PUBG Inc. have revealed the control scheme for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One, and how they’ve managed to bring complex PC controls to a controller.

One thing I was very dubious about when PUBG launches on consoles was compiling all of those controls from mouse and keyboard, onto a controller. During the Early Access mode, controllers were supported but the scheme was clunky and confusing. Now, we have the official control scheme and it’s… interesting.

It looks like the controls for PUBG on console are a unique blend of taps and holds with things like tapping X to interact with objects and holding X to reload. Aiming down sight has also been configured as such, with holding the trigger increasing accuracy, but tapping the trigger will aim down sight – something that seems like a bizarre choice, but one I guess we’ll get used to.

The DPAD has also been utilised as more of a quick-access menu, with the directions being used to access, cycle through, and use consumables as quickly as possible. While some of these control settings make sense, there are a few questionable decisions. Fortunately, controls are fully customisable in the game’s menus.

A full rundown of the controls can be found over on the Xbox Wire.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds launches on Xbox One on December 12.

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