Post Human W.A.R. is preparing itself for full-release bringing its strategic, turn-based guessing game out of Early Access next week (December 14).

In Post Human W.A.R. players are tasked with finding their opponents Champion whilst also trying to bluff their opponent away from their own Champion. At the beginning of each game players choose their faction, lay out their army, and choose their Champion – a little like Battle Ships.

From here, players embark on a heavily strategic and tactical psychological adventure as they attempt to out-wit their opponent by drawing attention away from their Chamption unit.

Post Human W.A.R. has been in Early Access for six months. During this timeĀ  Indie dev Studio Chahu have taken player feedback on board and have added new languages, visuals, effects, balancing, and the game’s core Champion mechanic. Where before, the game simply had players taking down their opponents, the addition of the Champion made things a little more tactical and strategic.

The game also features an interesting cast of characters which make up each unique post-human faction such as wild animals, household robots converted to warfare, or intellectual apes.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

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Post Human W.A.R. launches out of Early Access on December 14.

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