PUBG developer, PUBG Corp. has this morning launched the game out of Early Access, and to celebrate is offering an in-game shirt, absolutely free!

For those who avoided the game’s test server, PUBG‘s launch today is a big one. It’ll come with a ton of improvements as well as a new desert map. What it’ll also come with though, is a free shirt, and everyone loves free shit, right?

To celebrate the game’s launch, PUBG Corp. are offering a new free in-game Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner shirt. It’ll be available to everyone who jumps into the game over the next few weeks just for simply logging in.

The developer also detailed that although the game has launched, they won’t be ditching their development principles and will continue to listen to fan feedback. “Balancing and polishing in terms of gunplay, sound, animations and other features and systems will continue after launch,”  the developer wrote. They also detailed that two waves of adjustments have been implemented to deal with stability issues which were identified during the 1.0 tests and will continue to improve on that. They also detailed some of these measures including the possibility of limiting maximum ping depending on user network status.

Anti-cheating measures have also been strengthened and will continue to be reinforced as more exploits are discovered. As a result, they’ve already seen a decrease in cheating by over 65%.

“Without you none of this would be possible,” the developer wrote in a Steam update. “You, the person reading this. You may have been with us since the first alpha test or maybe you started playing PUBG only a few days ago. You may have had over 100 chicken dinners or maybe you’re still hunting for your first one. What matters is that you’ve stuck with us through good times and rough patches alike. You’ve seen some crazy stuff in-game. You’ve had defeats, near triumphs and brilliant victories. Thank you for your feedback, your reports, your thoughtful criticism. Thank you for cheering us on. Thank you for being there for us. Thank you, and see you in the next chapter.”

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