Teaser trailers for Riverdale‘s second half of the second season have arrived, and they’re making us wonder what on earth is going to happen next.

With the ending of Riverdale‘s mid-season finale revealed, there are a ton of things to talk about. Spoilers ahead.

Is Bughead actually done? Why the heck did Archie finally decide to wake up and notice Betty? Is Alice going to leave her couchy suburban life and become a full serpent again?

But the biggest question that fans have been asking is “was the black hood reveal a cop-out or a fake reveal?” It seems totally plausible seeing how other teen dramas have done the same to keep fans on edge.

The new promo for what’s to come after the holidays shows what seems to be South Side and North Side high schools joining together and of course, drama is bound to ensue seeing how both sides hate each others guts. Is this because of the post-Blackhood horror?

Veronica is in the middle of it all, helping? the new students adjust at her school. Does this mean she’s going to move on from Archie? And now that she’s all in with her calculating parents, what could that mean for her character?

Alice and Betty also sound like they’re going on a hunt for Alice’s son which definitely feeds my theory that we might see old Alice come out a bit more.

Riverdale definitely has it’s cheesy moments but there is always that element of surprise it seems to throw out there and there is no doubt something addicting about it because even the people who vehemently go “I will never watch Riverdale” somehow end up doing the opposite (IE. Me).

Riverdale is set to return to feed our addictions on January 17! Check on the promo below and let us know whether you watch the mystery teen drama?

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