Here it is, Robotech Issue 5. The crew of the SDF-1 have survived their first adventure together. As the laser canons go silent, it appears that something else has been going on in the background.

At the end of the last issue of Robotech we saw the beloved Captain Gloval die, diverting from the show – this now leaves Lisa Hayes in command. Overwhelmed by responsibility and the fact the Zentradi won’t let up attacking the SDF-1, Lisa decides she has no choice but to re-open some old wounds and lead her new crew to the Mars outpost.

Meanwhile, down below Rick Hunter has discovered his eyes are mutating and no one really knows why and until he figures it out, his piloting adventures have been grounded.  Gloria and Roy are not convinced that Gloval’s death is an accident as they begin to wonder if he was killed for his knowledge of a darker secret known only to a few.

Now we’ve settled into the series things are starting to get interesting. It may be cutting down on the epic space dogfights but the mysteries presented in the issue could lead to an interesting take on the Robotech franchise.

One issue I’ve started to find with Marco Turini’s artwork is the odd use of dimpling for the human characters faces, it makes it look like the characters faces are dirty and not that emotive. Despite that, the brief glimpse of the space battles do look great with a mess of explosions and the fighters do look fantastic.

Lisa is an interesting character to shunt into the lead role as in the show she’s always seen as someone who’s been suited to being second in command. Can she cope like Command Riker from Star Trek The Next Generation Or will she end of like Colonel Tigh in Battlestar Galactica?

The outcome of the Mars Misson will let us know!

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