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Sea of Thieves Release Date Announced

Arrrr-iving pretty soon.

Sea of Thieves, the highly anticipated pirate simulator from Rare, will be released on March 20 2018. It is hoped that the Microsoft (so Xbox and Windows 10) exclusive will be a solid entry to the companies list of exclusives.

Sea of Thieves will be an online multiplayer game in which pirates do all the things that pirates do. You’ll be able to team up with fellow pirates to discover treasure, find islands and row row row your boat gently ‘cross the sea. You’ll be able to play with fellow pirates from Xbox to PC as it’ll be a Play Anywhere title that allows cross-platform gameplay.

In recent years Sony’s first party exclusives on the PlayStation have out-stripped Microsoft so fans will be hopeful this signifies a change of pace from the gaming giant. With the Xbox One X released to critical acclaim it seems Microsoft is on the right track, but needs to build its Xbox and Windows library before things can really change.

Check out some gameplay here:

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Sea of Thieves will be released March 20 2018 on Xbox One and Windows 10.

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