Session Close to Reaching First Stretch Goal on Kickstarter

Session developer crea-ture Studios must be flying pretty high right now. Having hit their funding goal in less than four days, players are nearing the game’s first stretch goal which could unlock mini- and mega-ramps, as well as the game’s first playable pro-skater, Elliot Sloan.

One thing that’s impressed me the most about Session‘s Kickstarter campaign is that the developers just haven’t stopped working. Since the game hit its funding goal, crea-ture have been busy working with the community to decide which stretch goals should come next. This has been done through a series of votes the developer has held over the past few weeks.

The first stretch goal, if hit, will see the game getting mini- and mega-ramps being added to the game as well as Elliot Sloan coming on board as the game’s first playable pro skater. He’ll be providing motion capture for the game as well as his likeness, of course.

If that wasn’t all, the developers have been continuing to work on the Session Kickstarter Demo which now has an expansion exclusive to backers. What’s more, regardless of whether they hit the stretch goal, the final game will see the Session Party Pack that’ll see three competitive modes coming to the game: S.K.A.T.E., Spot Battle, and Skate or Dice, the latter of which sees tricks being decided by a set of dice.

Session‘s Kickstarter campaign is set to come to a close on December 21. The game is then set to hit Early Access on PC and Game Preview on Xbox One on Q2 2018.

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