In Netflix’s continuing attempt to mine the 1980s for anything that could possibly trigger the nostalgia region in customer’s brains, it has been revealed that a reboot of She-Ra: Princess of Power will be released to us in 2018.

For those too young to remember She-Ra, the show followed Princess Adora, He-Man’s twin sister, who also had magic powers, a talking animal, and a heroic alter-ego. It was basically a cynical attempt to make ‘He-Man for girls’ rather than attempt to make an interesting female character in her own right, but it actually turned into a fairly decent cartoon along the way. Since then, the character has had her own DC comic series which is apparently fairly popular, though in the modern day a comic series selling ten issues is considered a success, even if half of them were sold to be a homeless man’s bedding.

Naturally, Netflix is promoting her as an ideal of female empowerment but does anyone else feel just unconvinced by the whole thing? Netflix are attempting to reboot a cynical attempt to appeal to girls by attempting to appeal to your sense of nostalgia. It’s good that there is going to be another female hero to help inspire girls, but again I ask why Netflix didn’t just try to create another character? Instead, they scrape the bottom of the 80s creativity barrel and fling it on our screens to see if it sticks.

She-Ra will be available to watch on Netflix in the coming year, so if you were into it as a kid and have a child now, or if you’re just into pot, you should probably check it out. Otherwise, I’d recommending giving it a miss so we can stop Netflix from interfering with our favourite nostalgic properties. Don’t you dare touch The Real Ghostbusters or Ducktales Netflix, I know you want to!

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