Stranger Things has, unsurprisingly, been renewed for a third season. Stop celebrating quite so quickly though, as David Harbour (who plays Sheriff Jim Hopper) has said that we likely won’t be seeing it until 2019.

He based this on just how long the series take to make, so it has yet to be fully confirmed by the Duffer Brothers or Netflix, but it honestly makes a lot of sense.

Now, before any of you Stranger Things fans start Googling how to safely induce a year long coma, this is actually good news. One of the things I really enjoyed about Stranger Things 2 was how we saw all the characters a year later, and got a real sense of how the events of season one had really impacted their lives: Joyce was incredibly overbearing, Hopper had rekindled his fatherly instincts, Mike was a bitter asshole aged thirteen. I’m excited to see yet another time jump and have to discover what has been happening to all these characters in the interval.

Additionally, a longer wait between series gives them more time to really focus on the quality of the writing. Now, Stranger Things 2 was really good, but there were parts that could have been ironed out or tightened up. For example, Eleven’s journey to discover her past and meeting another telepathic experimentee was completely irrelevant to the main plot of the series. It wasn’t terrible, it just had no real bearing on the plot other than to keep Eleven away from the main heroes so she wouldn’t resolve the plot too quickly.

It’s a lot like Dragonball Z where Goku would be on another planet helping build schools for a bunch of alien orphans so he couldn’t just defeat whatever villain had turned up in the first episode of each season. With a longer wait, hopefully the writers can make sure that all the plotlines of Stranger Things 3 are woven together seamlessly, just like in season one.

Hopefully, we will get a more official estimate for the release of Stranger Things 3 from the Duffer Brothers shortly. Until then, just be warmed by the knowledge that season 3 is definitely on its way, only a bit slower this time.

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