The Culling Big House Update

The Culling developer Xaviant has announced that support for their battle royale game has come to an end as they move into a new project.

It’s not often that a game will launch and is almost immediately dropped by the developer, but it does happen. The Culling is one of these games as the game launched out of Early Access on both PC and Xbox One in October, and just two months later the developer announced the end of support for the game.

In a blog post over on the game’s website, the developer wrote:

“After more than two years dedicated to making The Culling, it’s time to announce that Xaviant has begun work on a new title. Despite having grown our then tiny team into a slightly larger group of twenty developers, this means that our entire focus is now on our new project. There are no future updates planned for The Culling.”

The Culling launched into Early Access in March 2016 and was one of the first battle royale games to hit the market. Over the course of the year and a half in Early Access, The Culling landed on Xbox One as part of the Xbox Game Preview, and received a ton of support from the community.

in January 2017 the game received the biggest update yet, and seemed to rekindle people’s love for the game, and just nine months later the game launched out of Early Access on PC and Xbox One to barely a fanfare.

“Have no fear contestants, The Culling’s servers will remain live for the foreseeable future, which means you can keep CHAS busy for as long as you like,” the developer wrote. As for the future of the company, it seems they’re moving into new projects, though details are being kept under wraps for now.

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