Spider Verse 2

2018 is going to be a big year for Spider-man, though that doesn’t necessarily mean just for Peter Parker. Because you, see there are many Spider-men…

Of course, most folks are familiar with the parallel universe. A timeline different from ours. Like if a guy called Miles Morales is Spider-man.

With Spider-man back in the good graces of everyone from the summer, Sony has resurrected their animated Spider-man project and gone against comments from Sony Executives that only Peter Parker would be Spidey.

From the trailer, we Miles tailing the villain, The Prowler (good guy in the comics right now?) a graveyard that may say Peter Parker and him talking to a chap who maybe Spider-man from another world?

I say this since the Spider-verse refers to an event a few years where the Spider-men and woman of different worlds united.

Could that happen on the big screen? I think so, and it looks like Marvel has taken the well known comic book trope of parallel worlds to the big screen before DC, despite them making it really popular.

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Into the Spider-verse swings into cinema on Christmas next year.

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