ComiXology has launched a huge sale on its digital library of comicbooks including big hitters from DC, Marvel, and more.

‘Tis the season to be a comic book reader both experienced or just new to the fold. But if you fancy some new comicbooks for this happy season and don’t want it to break the bank here are some of the best sales ComiXology has to offer.

Whether you like it or not, when it comes to comic book readers apps ComiXology is top of the food chain and this year, they have been nailing it with sales and Christmas is no exception.

Check out some of the great sales publishers are offering this year, but do remember to read the fine print after you visit ComiXology.

Massive Marvel sale – 80% off – That’s right it’s 20% on! With big discounts on some seminal works of Marvel with things like X-men vs Avengers and all your favourites like X-men and Spider-man!

Super-sized Star Wars Sale – up to 78% off digital comics – It’s almost like a Star Wars movie came out this year… oh wait. Feel the Force as Marvel discounts their entire range of Star Wars comics including books from the non-canon Expanded Universe.

Titan Comics 2017 Hits Sale: up to 65% off digital comics! – A fan or Warhammer or Robotech? This is the sale for you as Titan celebrates it’s biggest hits of 2017

Delcourt Vol. 1s Sale: Up to 66% off digital comics! – Delve into the many existing worlds of fantasy and sci-fi that European publisher Delcourt has on offer and get hooked.

DC Holiday Sale-80% off – Delve into the world of Rebirth and see what this re-launch has offered for heroes like The Flash or Batman or tuck into a classic like Batman Dark Knight Returns

BOOM! Holiday Sale: up to 50% off digital comics! (Use code BOOM50) – Catch up on the Power Rangers or check out the adventures of Snake Pliskin as Boom gives you half off!

IDW Linewide Sale – Up to 55% off digital comics! – Catch up with Kirk and the gang or chill out with The Transformers as IDW off you just more than half off!

Aftershock Collections Sale: up to 50% off – See what the hype is all about with Insexts of following the rise of Super-Zero a new kind of superhero!

Dynamite Holiday Sale: Up to 50% off line-wide! (Use code DE50) – See what the crew of the Battlestar Galactica got up to this year or find out what happened at the end of Birckleberry as Dynamite celebrate another explosive year!

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