We came into 2017 with the hopes that it’d be better than the shit show that was 2016, however what started as hope, ended up with another year of regrets and sadness as the entertainment industry as we know it changes under our very eyes.

Celebrities were once again in the spotlight this year, but not because they were all popping their clogs like in 2016, instead they were being sexually inappropriate… #ThanksSpacey. What started with Harvey Weinstein being exposed as a sexual predator turned into a massive sweep of big Hollywood names being called out for inappropriate activities over the past couple of decades.

In terms of actual flops, this year saw plenty of them. It started off with video games as movies with Assassin’s Creed which… well… flopped harder than a wet fish doing a leap of faith off of the Columbus Monument. In our review, Spud gave the movie a lovely 3.4/10 saying:

“Assassin’s Creed movie plot was rushed, the characters fell kinda flat because of how they changed so fast for little to no reason. The cinematography makes it difficult to follow most of the action scenes and parkour elements and the writing is very lack lustre. The soundtrack is pretty great though and the settings are awesome.”

Mass Effect Andromeda

On the gaming front, there are far too many flops to count this year, especially on the Triple-A front. Let’s start off with EA Games, who have had a bit of a shit year – to say the least. Mass Effect Andromeda launched and fans were excited… Until everyone realised the game was full of janky animations… Sure, the game had some positives, but for the most part, players were disappointed.

Then there was Star Wars: Battlefront 2 which was shrouded in controversy just weeks ahead of release when it was discovered that EA Games put a high price on characters such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker which, unless players paid real cash for, would take around 40 hours of gameplay to unlock.

EA fanned the flames by saying “The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes,” which became the most downvoted comment in reddit history. Ultimately, the game didn’t do so well landing in second place on the UK Gaming Charts, and falling ever since.

Outside of EA, we had Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski hyping up and releasing Boss Key Studios’ debut shooter, LawBreakers, an arena shooter which favoured speed and skill. Since its announcement many couldn’t quite help comparing it to Overwatch, yet Cliffy B ensured us that, aside from having teams of characters shooting each other to secure objectives, the two games were nothing alike.

In some respects, he was right. Overwatch has a colourful cast of characters which players have grown to love and gameplay that’s fun and engaging. LawBreakers on the other hand had uninspiring characters and gameplay which was just too generic. Needless to say, LawBreakers’ PC launch didn’t go so well, with the peak number of players hitting 10 just a few months after launch.

Finally, a game that wasn’t necessarily disappointing, but still kind of flopped was Ubisoft’s melee fighting game, For Honor. While the game was pretty well received, the game’s complex mix of melee and fighting mechanics was an acquired taste causing players to drop off quicker than a head in a guillotine.

On the tech front, one flop was the massive Equifax breach in the US which saw more than 145.5 million people effected. Because even in 2017 your data isn’t safe, even by the companies that are supposed to protect it. Speaking of protecting things, the biggest flop in the tech industry was of course the overturning of Net Neutrality by the FCC which may cause a complete shift in how the Internet is delivered to millions of Americans in the upcoming months.

Will 2018 prove to be any better? Well we’ve got Red Dead Redemption 2, a Tomb Raider movie, and surely Hollywood has done enough bad to warrant a few good years, right… RIGHT?

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