For those that enjoyed the Evil Within, Titan Comic’s The Evil Within: The Interlude is a nice way to bridge the two games. Coming from a series who’s story can get muddy at times, this comic does a nice job helping flesh out just what exactly happened to lead up to the sequel, the Evil Within 2.

Plagued by horrific visions and overlapping memories of what happened in Beacon, Sebastian Castellanos is striving to get back to his normal life. Granted, its a little difficult when the line of determining what is real and what isn’t is blurred, but hey, he’s trying. 3 months after the events of the first game, Sebastian is led, yet again, down the rabbit hole in pursuit of the Nursery Rhyme Killer; a blood thirsty psychopath that slays and displays his victims in a relatable way to the nursery rhymes we grew up with.

Unfortunately, this is merely a brief part of the story. It would have been nice to see a string of these murders and the creativity behind them, not just the two we are given for the sake of the story. But I digress.

Sebastian is hot on trail of this killer when his world begins to fade in and out of reality. This is where the creativity side of the comic really shines. How do you convey a drastic change of scenery without having to spell it out for the reader? If you guessed, completely change the art style, you’d be correct! As the story moves on, the two worlds start to blend together. However, because they completely change the art style it is easy to understand where he is in the current frame. Well played Titan Comics, well played.

The writing and story are a nice addition to the world of The Evil Within. With the somewhat convoluted story we received from the games, having things made a little more clear was a nice change of pace. There are twists and turns you may or may not see coming, but you never lose sight of what is going on.

The Evil Within: The Interlude is a great connection between the two video games and a nice addition to the story and lore of the series. Though it ends abruptly, the story is fast paced and easy to follow, which is more than can be said for parts of the games.

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