The Forest might still be in Early Access on PC, but it looks to be making its way to PlayStation 4 in the new year, developer Endnight has announced.

During the PlayStation Experience, developer Endnight revealed that The Forest would be landing on PS4 in the new year. The developer also revealed a swanky new trailer for the survival horror game.

In The Forest players are survivors of a plane crash which lands in a forest. From here players are tasked with surviving the harsh environment and the cannibal monstrosities which lurk within. In this game there is no direction it’s as sandbox as you can get as players are given no guidance and must learn how to survive all on their lonesome.

The game first made its debut on PC in 2013 and has since been in Early Access. The game hasn’t yet launched on PC however it has been gradually shaped by the community. Endlight didn’t confirm whether the PS4 version would be a full, or early access launch.

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