Looks like the previous Battlefield Bad Company 3 rumour might have jumped the gun a bit, as it’s now been revealed that the next Battlefield title will focus on WW2.

Earlier this week YouTube creator AlmightyDaq who previously accurately leaked Battlefield 1 information, added a new video about the “next Battlefield game” being Bad Company 3. Now, it looks like this information wasn’t totally correct, but not in the way you might think.

Usually rumours like this get debunked pretty quickly and that’s the last we hear of it, however rather than the rumour being wholly untrue, it seems like certain aspects of the rumour are incorrect. Specifically the part about Bad Company 3 being the next Battlefield title…

In an article over at Eurogamer who dives a little deeper into the rumour, the publication claims to have heard from other sources who claim that while the idea for Bad Company 3 had existed, it was not in development. Furthermore, another YouTube creator by the name of Levelcap, added that Bad Company 3 was not the next Battlefield game.

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This moves us all the way back to AlmightyDaq who has since backtracked on his initial video claiming that he’s aware of two games over at DICE. One, over at DICE in Sweden, is a WW2 Battlefield game, the other, in DICE LA, is the Bad Company 3 rumour. Are you still with me?

DICE LA, previously named EA Los Angeles and then Danger Close, has usually been supporting the main DICE studio and has made post-launch content. If this particular rumour is true, it’d be the first time DICE LA have made their own Battlefield game.

Fortunately AlmightyDaq is back with another video clarifying the last video and going into some detail on DICE Sweden’s upcoming Battlefield WW2 game. Though at this point, his credibility has been harmed somewhat.

So what’s happening with Bad Company 3? As far as I understand, the idea of a third instalment is floating about at EA and DICE, but it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing the game any time soon, if at all.

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