The UK Gaming Charts are set to look completely different in 2019 as they’ll start to show combined sales of both physical and digital copies of video games.

The current state of video games charts in the UK is becoming quickly outdated as more and more consumers switch to digital-only purchases when it comes to video games. Not to mention the PC gaming market is largely digital with games regularly being purchased from Steam and other online retailers like and Green Man Gaming.

Soon though, things are set to change as come the new year a download chart will be provided by the Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) and data services company B2Boost who have been trailing the project – details on this chart are set to be revealed early next year.

As for a combined chart, well here’s the short version, analytics firm GfK currently has an exclusive agreement over boxed games data. However, come 2019 that agreement will come to an end.

The Entertainment Retailers Association (which includes retailers such as GAME, Amazon, UK supermarkets, and many more) whom GfK have this agreement with, has announced plans to end it and has struck a separate deal with ISFE. This will mean that both physical and digital games sales will be combined.

For the past couple of years it’s been obvious that video game sales have slowly started to shift to digital as physical sales are generally dropping year on year, so a combined chart will certainly show just how strong the video game market is in the UK. What’s more we’ll likely see a shift in the usual top hitters as PC-exclusive games such as Total War will have more of a foot-hold in the charts as most of these sales are digital.


“This is an innovative and exciting direction for games data to take,” says ERA CEO Kim Bayley. “GfK has been the gold standard for physical games data and charts for more than two decades and we are delighted to confirm our relationship with them through to mid-2019. At the same time, we recognise that ISFE and B2Boost have captured digital data, which our members are looking to analyse alongside the physical market. This twin track solution looks to be a win-win for all concerned.”

As soon as we know more about the way digital charts will be handled, we’ll also be including both charts in our weekly UK Gaming Charts rundown.

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