Titan Comics’ Tekken Collection is a fun, fast read that wonderfully portrays the world of Tekken. While Tekken has been a staple brawler for years, the stories we get from those fighting focused games are generally pretty thin. The Tekken Collection takes these familiar characters and fleshes them out while also delivering a decent story to go along with them.

Jin Kazuma has been battling his inner demon(s), literally, since birth. Jin and Company embark on a quest to find the Angel that can rid him of his demonic gene. Along the way familiar faces show up and take part in the battles leading up to the final confrontation between Jin and his grandfather, Heihachi. While we don’t get full bios on some of our favorite fighters, we do get glimpses into their personalities, usually delivered during fast paced action sequences.

Any Tekken fan will enjoy this extension of the video games. Seeing some of your favorite characters fleshed out is a treat, especially when it is done relatively well. Personally, it was enjoyable to see a shallow world like Tekken be developed further, even if it was on a page instead of a screen.

Story aside, the writing and artwork is pretty well done as well. Granted there are, of course, the occasional cheesy phrase or line, which should really just be expected from any kind of brawler. Aside from those occasional moments, the art work is clean and easy to read. It’s obvious some serious care was taken with this series, and that is commendable.

Overall, the Tekken Collection is a fun, fast paced read that any fan of the games should try out. The art is clean, the story isn’t cliche, and the writing, for the most part, helps immerse you in this world some of us have grown up with.

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