Titan Comics has been pushing out more and more video game comics recently. It’s always a gamble when taking a game and translating it into any kind of literature. Thankfully, in the case of Wolfenstein, Titan comics mostly hits the mark.

The Wolfenstein Collection is a great companion to the video games. It brings with it the same gory, ridiculous, profane fun the recent games have made a staple of. It is no secret that the Nazi regime dabbled in the occult, in an attempt to win the war at any cost. This collection dives heavily into that lore, and some how makes the involvement of the “Thuleans” (Cthulu-looking beings) work.

The Wolfenstein Collection involves BJ Blazkowicz, but does not center the story around him. Instead, our main hero is actually a heroine. The Professor is a scarred, tormented woman, trying to save however many people she can. She runs the Sanctuary and uses it as a base of operations for the resistance, as well as a safe haven for those seeking refuge from the fascist regime. Of course, like any “safe haven”, it isn’t safe for that long before the Nazi’s carry out an assault on the base. The Professor is thrust into hell, figuratively speaking, and stumbles across a Nazi threat that no one could have foreseen.

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While the story mainly holds up, it does have moments where the pacing tends to stray of track. Mostly near the end of the story, things feel rushed for some odd reason. The entirety of the story does a good job setting up the characters and plot, so it catches you off guard when you finally get to the climactic moment and its over in a few frames. That’s not to say that it ruins the story, because it certainly doesn’t, but its just a minor let down that the final moments of this fight against the Nazi’s and the Thuleans only lasts a few pages.

Thankfully there are no glaring issues with The Wolfenstein Collection. For a video game turned comic, the majority of what Titan Comics is doing holds up. The biggest issue I had with it is the art. At times it looks great, but then there are frames when things tend to get a little hectic and that’s conveyed through the drawings as well. Expressions are muddy, action is confusing to legibly make out at times, and certain frames feel like they received more attention than others.

All that being said, if some muddy frames is the biggest problem a comic has then it’s doing something right. Overall The Wolfenstein Collection is a very enjoyable read, and will be for anyone that is a fan of the IP as well. It gives you just another reason to hate Zombies and will probably give you another reason to revisit the game(s) as well.

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