A game based on World War Z is in development by Saber Interactive. It is set to be a four player cooperative game in which a team of players face off against a horde of sprinting zombies. No I did not copy and paste the description of Left 4 Dead when writing this article, but it certainly seems that Saber had Valve’s cooperative gameplay megahit in mind when they were designing this game.

World War Z is set to have players completing missions in a huge variety of locations from across the globe, including New York, Moscow and Jerusalem. Hopefully these locations will help to mix up the gameplay and strategies players use quite a bit, as Saber want to focus on using the environment to help combat the undead.

World War Z began its life as a successful novel by Max Brooks, which had the interesting take of presenting itself as a series of personal accounts by survivors of the zombie not-quite-apocalypse from across the world. The novel was decent, besides some characters being quite laughable stereotypes, and was lauded by nerds worldwide. This success meant that a film adaptation was a certainty, and in 2013 we had the blockbuster movie starring Brad Pitt. The novel posed quite a challenge to adapt, considering it has no real protagonist or strong narrative thread. The filmmakers played it safe by having Pitt play Science McActionDude as the main protagonist, who was travelling the world looking for a cure. The film is less beloved that the book, being quite a generic Summer action film with only a few memorable moments.

It’s quite strange that the game developers have seemingly chosen the film as inspiration more than the book, considering the zombies will be the running kind and not the classic Romero undead found in the novel. A more cynical person might say this is so they can ripoff Left 4 Dead even more, but I think it’s that the athletic zombie is more fun to shoot in an action game setting.

We don’t really have too much information to go on other than the name and basic premise. Regardless of how you feel about World War Z, the announcement that another cooperative shooter is in development is good news. Hopefully we will start to get more information released about the game soon.

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