I’m tired of watching today’s “grown-up TV”… I want some weird stuff from my childhood to return during prime time. It’s time for HBO to take a little break from making TV shows that follow a couple going through a midlife crisis who happen to live in New York.

Y’know the shows I’m talking about. Usually one of them has an exciting job in the city but times are changing and they are in danger of going extinct. The other one lives in the bland suburbs and wonders if they’ve wasted their lives. See Madmen, Happyish, Vinyl and Divorce for further case studies.

So let’s take, MacGyver, a TV show from the 80s and the 90s which follows a secret agent that saves the day using improvised gadgets and super geeky know-how. (It got a reboot, that I haven’t really watched) and blend it with The Guyver, basically an R-rated Power Rangers and follows a kid with a powerful suit of armour who savagely kills inhuman monsters. This can be found in anime, manga and two live-action movies.

Imagine MacGyver being the peanut and The Guyver being the chocolate.

Also, both words sound very similar and that was the flimsy pretext of writing this article. So without any further stalling, here are 3 reasons why MacGyver should become The Guyver.

1. MacGyver is all flesh and bones and sometimes he comes up against things that will easily destroy flesh and bone. Like very sharp objects or laser beams. The Guyver suit can offer protection from things like poisonous gases as he uses toothpaste to disarm a bomb.

2. We have to face it, even the cleverest guy who refuses to use a gun can sometimes come unstuck when he brings his vast intellect to a one on one gunfight. And since The Guyver suit is super strong with its own array of weapons that can be used non-lethally, it’d be a nice back up in case that pencil and ruler can’t block a bullet.

3. Did you know MacGyver is played by Richard Dean Anderson? The guy from Stargate SG1? Now what if MacGyver makes some waves in the national security world and gets asked to join SG1? Better than another episode of The Big Bang Theory eh?

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