Did you know Soap Operas have gained their names because American daytime dramas we’re mainly sponsored by soap companies? That’s right, and since then they’ve been totally ridiculous a silly parody of real life.

When we say, ridiculous, we mean the kind of melodrama your teenage sister and grandma are into. Not like the glorious nonsense, we nerds hold so dearly like Star Trek, comics, and gaming.

Thought what if a nerd was tasked with re-tooling these staple Soap Operas for a nerdy audience by adding robots, lasers and the occasional ninja. We have four ideas that’ll probably mildly entertain you.

Home and Away: The tropical haven that is Summer Bay is plagued by heavy storms and the attack of giant mutant alligators. It’s up to Al Fisher and co to fight up these fire-breathing crocs before they all get the chomp.

Neighbours: Things are going down in the catty suburb Erinsborough when it turns some nutty looney tune has gone around creating evil clones of everyone. Can a mercenary bad ass duo of Kylie and Danni Minogue’s characters save the day?

Sidenote: Kylie and Danni both starred on the soap and even if they don’t come back, some soap opera nonsense about a face transplant will let us recast.

Hollyoaks: Things are about a to go wild in the village of Chester when a teen supervillain moves to the area to work on their next diabolical scheme that involves kidnapping actors who are currently demanding a little too much.

Lucky for them a new teen heartthrob has moved to town as well as a new strapping new superhero…

Eastenders: Stuff is about to go mental down in Albert Square, as the neighbours who love to hate each other are kidnapped aboard a sinister alien spaceship and must band together to escape.

Emmerdale: It’s a race against time with villagers of Emmerdale are being turned into nightmarish monsters and a team of scientists most work out what is causing it.

Got any more crazier suggestions? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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