The annual American International Toy Fair will be held at the Jacob K. Javitts Convention Center in New York City from Saturday, February 17 to Tuesday, February 20 this year.

The American International Toy Fair, sometimes called the New York Toy Fair or just Toy Fair, is an annual toy industry trade show. It is hosted by the Toy Association and showcases toys that will be coming onto the market in the next year, meant to attract retailers and press to new products.

There will be a wide variety of exhibitors at the show. Big names that are instantly recognizable like Lego and Nintendo wil be strutting their stuff, as well as less recognizable toy companies, and even museums, stationary companies, and distributors are getting in on the action. It seems as if educational toys, dolls, crafts, electronics, collectibles, comics, and just about any other subgenre of “toy” one could imagine will be represented at the Toy Fair. The Fair’s entire exhibitor list is available here.

It is always exciting to see what will be hitting the shelves in the upcoming months; however, the show is only open to those involved in the toy trade or or with the press. Registering to attend or cover the event requires a company name and proof of association. A full list of requirements to register is available on the Fair’s website. If you don’t fit the bill, don’t worry. Many companies are very active on social media about the show in order to get the public excited about their upcoming items.

If you are eligible to attend, there are many events meant to show off new products or even new companies. There are also specifically scheduled networking opportunities available. There is also a list of hotels that will have shuttles to the Fair and back, for anyone who is unfamiliar with the public transportation system of the city.

For more up-to-date news on the Fair, feel free to check out the Toy Association’s Facebook page, or the Fair’s Twitter account.

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