Rivals of Aether has quickly become one of the more popular Smash Bros.-inspired platform fighters finding itself the birthplace of some of the top competitors in the fighting game community (FGC). Now, it’s the foundation for a new esports organisation named Tuxedo which hopes to bring a competitive edge to the FGC using experience in the industry to thrive where others may have failed.

Tuxedo, was unveiled today during Genesis 5 by its co-founders Billy “LBO” Dunmire and Ryan “Cupz” Belcher and hope to use their experience and expertise within the community to further contribute to the scene, valuing player experience, positive attitudes, and a support for the entire Tuxedo family as a whole.

“There comes a time where you need to stop criticizing the way organisations do business and start leading by example. That’s exactly what we intend to do,” says co-founder Billy “LBO” Dunmire. “We want Tuxedo to set a new standard in the esports industry; treating players with respect and elevating the game to the highest level possible.”

Aside from Cupz and LBO, Tuxedo, also has top Rivals player DolphinBrick on board as well as variety streamer Shizblacka and are calling for players from across the fighting game scene to apply to be a part of the growing team.

Prospective players can head on over to their website for more information or alternatively send them an email.

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