Having already spent plenty of time in the PC version of Antihero, there’s not a lot I can say about the mobile version that I’ve already said, however what I can say is that it’s probably one of the best couch-play games I’ve played for some time.

I’ve known about the mobile version of Anithero for some time and I’ve been pawing at Versus Evil to send me a code as soon as they humanly could. While I only had a few days head start I’ll admit, I haven’t actually touched the main campaign. The reason for this is because I’ve been eagerly awaiting the mobile version so I could play the game with my wife.

While the PC version offers a local multiplayer mode, there’s nothing quite as comfortable as lying in bed passing an iPad back and forth. Trust me, I attempted it with a fairly bulky laptop as well as our Steam Link and it just wasn’t very easy to play. Plus when you’re staring at the TV it makes it difficult to force others to look away while you make your moves.

Anyway, onto the mobile version, and honestly if you’ve played the PC version this is a like-for-like copy of that game. Plus, you can actually switch back and forth between the two if you’re that way inclined. Bringing the game to mobile hasn’t dumbed down the game either, it almost feels at home on a tablet or phone, which is impressive.

Antihero iPad screenshot

As for gameplay, the PC version which heavily relies on mouse inputs anyway so its not overly unfamiliar tapping on the screen to instruct your little Master Thief, urchins, and gangs across the world. In fact, I’d say it’s somewhat easier to do so. There is the occasional issue of miss-tapping or struggling to tap behind one of the characters, but as far as the port is concerned, it feels like it was always on mobile.

While we’ve only played the Hotseat mode, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game and it’s a perfect fit for mobile platforms. Admittedly it is a little small on smartphones, but you can zoom in and out of the map, so it’s not that much of a problem.

To find out what we think of the game as a whole however, head on over to our initial review of Antihero.

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