Dan Dare is one of those underrated heroes from British science fiction who deserves to be up there with Doctor Who, and in an age of re-launching, deserved a slick reboot just like Thunderbirds did.

In comes Titan Comics with a Dan Dare reboot headed by writer Peter Milligan, whose worked on titles like Animal Man and Daredevil. He certainly put the slick in this Dan Dare here, the only problem is, it’s so slick that you’ll slip right off the story as you wait for something to happen.

In a nutshell, if I was to describe the first four issues of this series and its first story arc, it’s similar in terms of storytelling to Part One of the Deathly Hallows as it marks time for the explosive second part. Of course, that’s not a huge deal breaker if you had some interesting story to unravel.

That’s not really the case, as our hero Dan Dare, the daring legend of Space Fleet finds himself at a loss as his arch-enemy, The Might Mekon, has been captured and has turned over a new leaf… or has he?

Well, the story keeps daring you to think he has… or maybe he hasn’t… who knows, that’s for part 2. Just enjoy your boring story about a strange ship making it’s way to Earth.

Dan Dare Issue 2 Page Preview

Like a Moffat-era episode of Doctor Who, this arc has some great ideas that just don’t get off the ground, focusing more on a tedious human connection that’s done poorly. It’s a bit like a talented Violinist packing it in to become a dreadful rapper.

A strange massive spaceship is invading Earth? A new threat? Earth overwhelmed? Exciting right? How will Dan Dare save the day? Oh that doesn’t matter, here’s an alien girl for him to flirt with. The first four issues are just marking time for the future of the storylines and it’s so naked with nothing to cover it up with.

One redeeming point is that Alberto Fouche does some solid artwork and Dan Dare looks like a champ, but the overall enterprise like so drab and uninspired, like a dozen different pulp sci-fi settings with nothing to make it stand out.

Let’s end our review on an odd note. Our hero is known for posing in a space suit, so it’s odd that’s he’s not seen in one during the whole arc. This arc has failed to lift off Dan’s return but hope is always on the galactic horizion…

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