Crytek’s upcoming multiplayer horror title, Hunt: Showdown, is set to enter closed alpha later this month on January 31. Sign ups for the alpha are open now.

Hunt: Showdown throws players into a dark word that blends PvE with PvP as five teams work against each other to be the first to locate and take down a huge creature. Once they’ve found and taken down their hunt, they then must extract their winnings as other players turn their sights to them in order to eliminate and steal the hunt.

The game is set to land in Steam Early Access within the coming months, but ahead of that there’s set to be a number of alpha sessions that’ll test gameplay elements before its Early Access launch. These closed alpha sessions will be limited, so players are urged to head on over to the game’s website to sign up.

For a quick glimpse of the game in action, you can check out the Steam trailer below:

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