Life is Strange: Before the Storm has come to an end, and what an ending it was. While those of us who played the first game know that this friendship is somewhat short-lived, it was an almost happy ending for the friendship we helped create.

From the last two episodes of Life is Strange: Before the Storm we’ve witnessed an unbreakable bond forge between the high school rebel and its golden girl. With Rachel Amber’s new-found rebellious streak dragging Chloe Price along for the ride, this prequel has given insight into Chloe’s feelings towards the girl who was missing in the main game.

I found the Rachel Amber disappearance story line in the main Life is Strange game to be a bit pointless, but my opinions may have completely changed now I’ve completed Before the Storm. However, having played through Life is Strange a few times. I can’t help but wonder if knowing what I know had some influence over my choices in Before the Storm

The final episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm is more of a loose-ends-tied episode. With Rachel now finally confronting her demons, we discover something which has changed her life forever. While fairly predictable, the final episode isn’t any less shocking as you’re witness to some fairly hard-to-watch scenes. While this episode doesn’t really offer that many life-altering choices, there is one final decision to make, however because I know what I know from the first game, I can’t help but feel like it had some influence.

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After the main meat of Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode 3 you learn a lot about Rachel Amber’s life, things that could completely send her in a downward spiral. You get the choice between opening the can of worms, or letting sleeping dogs lie. Now, knowing what I know from the first game, I couldn’t help but think how this choice could affect her time running up to those events… So I decided to keep things to myself and let Rachel and Chloe lead a happy life together.

Had I not played the first game however, maybe my choices would be a bit different, and here’s where I find myself torn. In my past reviews I’ve mentioned that Before the Storm feels like a love letter to fans of the first game. There are many subtle nods, many aspects of the game which if you didn’t already care for these characters, would make things a little more difficult and uninteresting. In comes Episode 3 however which throws all of that out of the window and actually feels like a true standalone episode.

You’ve got to hand it to Deck Nine. They’ve managed to take what was already great about Life is Strange and have managed to run with it and create something that’s not only true to the original series, but also offers more insight into the characters we grew to know and love. Characters like David and Frank, while their character development mostly takes place into the main game, we see how they became to be the way they were in Life is Strange. The same for Chloe.

As I mentioned, the Rachel Amber story line was somewhat brushed aside throughout the main Life is Strange adventure focusing more on Max Caulfield’s struggles with her new-found power and dealing with returning to Blackwell Academy. Life is Strange: Before the Storm helped us understand why Chloe was so heartbroken by Rachel’s sudden disappearance.

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Overall, Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a must-play for those who have played through, and enjoyed, the first game. If you didn’t enjoy the first game, you’ll likely get little satisfaction from this prequel, however it might help you by answering some questions you may have had from the main series.

Oh and that very last scene… Fuck you Deck Nine, why do that to me again?!

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