Monster Hunter: World has been winning over fans left, right, and centre, but for those new to the series, where the hell do you begin?

Already scoring over 5 million copies shipped, there are plenty of people diving into the latest and greatest Monster Hunter title, there are also a lot of new comers. That’s where we come in. For players that are struggling with the beginning of the game, or are planning to pick it up here are some starter tips.

In an attempt to help ease players, new and old, into this expansive game, we felt it necessary to compile everything we know into one neat article so you can go into Monster Hunter: World confident and ready to slay some truly gargantuan creatures. This is your start-up guide to the world of Monster Hunter… erm… World…

Use the Training Room!

Whether you’re a long time player of the series or this is your first time it is IMPERATIVE that you at least visit the training room once. Just learn at least one combo that you know you can spam in a pinch, it could make the difference between life or death. Monster Hunter is more than any hack n’ slash you may be used to. It can be technical and precise at times, waiting for an opening to unleash your most powerful combos could turn the tides in your favor if you know how to use the weapon you chose properly. Speaking of..

Familiarize Yourself With Your Weapon

There are over 14 different, and VERY unique, weapons at your disposal in Monster Hunter: World. Understanding which ones you’re comfortable with and which ones benefit your play style early on will make a world of difference later on. Which is, again, why it is important, before jumping into the final Beta or the game itself, to utilize the training room!! Use your time in there to become comfortable with a weapon of your choice and learn how to do everything you can with it.

Having said that, some of the weapons available to you when you start may be too slow and clunky for your liking. For players that want a faster paced fight I would recommend going with one of the following weapons…

Dual Blades, Long Sword, Switch Axe, or Bow.

Any of the above listed weapons are relatively easy to use, the trickiest being the Switch Axe, and will allow you to have a more fast paced experience. I’m looking at your noobies!

Monster Hunter: World Everything you Need to Know - n3rdabl3

Do NOT use the Lock-On Option!!

I can not emphasize this one enough. The Lock-on option in this game is absolute garbage. The monsters you’ll be hunting are, for the most part, substantial in size, meaning you are not, meaning locking on and getting close to said giant, scary monster will make your camera move like it just blew a few lines before the fight. There is A LOT going on during some of these encounters. Trust yourself, and your right thumb, to move the camera manually, the last thing you need is the camera so far up the monster’s ass you can’t see what the hell is going on around you. Thank me later. *Insert wink emoji here*

Tweak Your Radial System

Using items in Monster Hunter: World can be a bit tricky. I highly recommend switching your radial menu to “Type 2” which is the “Click” style menu. This changes the menu from “hover” which can, at times, make you accidentally use items you did not intend to use. OR for you old school vets out there, “Type 3” lets you hold L1 and then press left or right on the D-Pad to select which item you want to use. Either way, don’t use the “Hover” option, its annoying.

Don’t Get Item Overload

Monster Hunter: World gives players way too many items right off the bat. Ain’t nobody got time for that! So, the items you want to keep around are as follows:

Max Potion, Potion, Mega-Potion (Potions in general), WetStones, Shock Traps and Paralysis Knives.

The latter two are great for stunning monsters during the course of your fight, the rest are pretty self-explanatory. As for the rest of the items you might receive, don’t worry about them at the beginning of the game. Get comfortable with the basics then go back later and delve into the immense number of random shit they give you. Trust me, you can survive with these few items, the rest are just unnecessary.

It is also important to note that ANY item you use, takes a bit of time to consume or use. Having said that, make sure you are at a safe distance before using an item. If your monster closes the gap, you can roll away during to cancel the item, BUT potions will be used anyway so be smart about it. It is also important to note that clicking in the left thumbstick will allow you to run WHILE using a potion, so use this trick to your advantage.

Monster Hunter: World Everything you Need to Know - n3rdabl3

Pitfall Traps and Flash Pods are Your Friend

On top of all these items, there are even MORE items you can get at the start of each quest; both from your blue chest and your tent. The most important here are the Pitfall Traps and Flash Pods which can be immensely helpful against certain flying enemies. Do not leave base camp without these!

Speaking of your tent, it is also important to note that you can visit your tent if you want to change your armor. Fast travel options are also available through your map.

Work Smart, Not Hard, OH and Mind the Time

Always be mindful of the time during your hunts, running out of time will automatically end your quest and you’ll have to try again. If you’re not sure where your mark is, keep and eye out for scout flies. These green, glowing clusters of bugs will help lead you to your mark and prevent aimless wandering.. unless you’re into that, in which case, wander away.

If you can’t quite make out what the clock in the top left corner is saying, just open your map and that should tell you how much time you have left for your hunt. Also, Monsters generally spawn in the same spots, so once you’re familiar with your surroundings the scout flies won’t be as necessary.

Meals Are Important

Be sure to eat a meal at the start of every hunt at your base camp. Eating meals in Monster Hunter: World, like in other games will grant specific stat bonuses to your characters and help make the quests easier. After all, victory loves preparation.

Armor Up

The option to mix and match your armor through specific loadouts is available to you while at base camp as well. I recommend going with an “all attack” loadout, or if you’re having issues with a specific fight, switch to “all defense” so you can take more hits. There are multiple loadouts to choose from but these are the two ones I’d recommend switching between. There is a “Critical Boost” one as well, but if you use heavy weapons its pretty much as useless as all the rest. If you fancy lighter, faster weapons like the ones I previously mentioned, this may be a loadout you’ll want to try.

Monster Hunter: World Everything you Need to Know - n3rdabl3

Rocksteady Mantle For The Win

A specific secondary item I highly recommend never leaving your tent without is the Rocksteady Mantle. If I’m being honest, this item is BROKEN, but in a way that benefits you. This item lets hits that should have absolutely stunned you, well, not stun you.. While it might not seem like it to those that have yet to play the betas, this item is invaluable when going up against the larger targets. Oh and you take less damage, nothing wrong with that.

And finally, the most important tip…

Do NOT Attack a Sleeping Monster!

Well, I mean, yea of course you’ll need to attack it but go about it a certain way. When you encounter a sleeping monster your first hit will do way more damage. To capitalize on this, place a Large Barrel Bomb next to the enemies vulnerable spots, usually the head. Once set, back up, and use your slinger to blow that shit UP. This will cause crippling damage to your target and easily set the odds in your favor. Trust me, this one is a game changer.

Completing each quest in the Beta grants rewards for players in the full game, so be sure to finish each quest at least once.

Hopefully these tips and tricks help familiarize you with the Beta and will make newcomers feel more comfortable in a game that doesn’t always hold your hand.

So that’s it, how’d we do? Did we miss a tip and/or trick? Do you think our editor and chief should try some periwinkle dye on his luscious locks? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check back with us at n3rdabl3 for all of your Monster Hunter: World needs, we’ve got you covered!

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