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Monster Hunter: World Gameplay Explores Coral Highlands

Check out this stunning new environment.

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Capcom has not been stingy with their content when it comes to Monster Hunter: World. Today we get a glimpse at some beautiful new gameplay in a new area, the Coral Highlands.

The Coral Highlands are pretty much what you’d get if you drained the Caribbean of water and shrunk yourself down to 1/8 your size. This expansive new area is full of vibrant coral-like cliffs that offer long hanging algae as a means of scaling this giant structures.

On top of that, we are treated to a couple interesting mechanics. The one that stuck out the most for me was lassoing a small drake type creature and using it to catch up to your target. With the ability to completely use the environment around you, the possibilities that you take down your mark grow exponentially, which is pretty exciting.

Another awesome mechanic show in the new Monster Hunter: World trailer is the random involvement of other monsters. Twice during the 9 minute video, the mark they’re hunting is attacked by other creatures. This adds an interesting element to encounters by never knowing if you’re truly alone with your mark. It makes you feel like you’ll constantly have to be on your guard which makes sense seeing as how you’re not in your own back yard. You’re on their turf and that means you play by their rules. Good for you Capcom.

Check out the video for yourself below and for everything Monster Hunter: World, check back with us here at n3rdabl3, we’ve got you covered!

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