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Monster Hunter: World – Have You Adopted a Hunter in Your Area?

A friend in need is a friend indeed

The Monster Hunter series has never been known as an easy game to pick up. From it’s crowded HUD to it’s intricate and numerous mechanics, there is a lot to process when you’re first starting out. Because of this, some players have dropped the game in favor of something easier to get into. Sadly, these players are missing out on an incredible experience.

Enter the “Adopt-a-Hunter” Initiative!

In an effort to keep new comers engaged in the upcoming game and help them enjoy everything Monster Hunter: World has to offer. Behind this great cause is a group of serious veterans of the series ready and waiting to help guide the uninitiated and show them the ropes. They’re more than just tour guides however. These vets will help players understand the crafting systems, weapons, and every other element that makes up the Monster Hunter series.

Woulfe Condra, the site’s co-founder said, “Historically, Monster Hunter is a franchise that has had a strangely high and somewhat prohibitive barrier of entry tacked onto a fairly steep learning curve. Many people start the game and then end up giving up due to frustration over lack of information, seemingly ‘clunky’ controls, or other traditional Monster Hunter obstacles — hitting what can feel like a ridiculously thick brick wall. Having personally brought many of our own friends into the franchise, we quickly learned that having somebody experienced helping you through the initial frustrations often ends up creating lifelong fans of the series.”

You don’t NEED to be a noob though, veteran players are welcome to join the site as well and are encouraged to do so. The staff on the site will then pair up players based off criteria like country, language, etc. This in turn gives new comers a friend and fellow hunter to reach out to for help when needed.

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So far the team behind this cause has been working and communicating through the Monster Hunter subreddit and other various communities to get the word out. While this is a great way to reach already established fans, it might not be the best course in order to grab new players.

“For Adopt-A-Hunter to work, we have to have veterans that are able and willing to adopt novice hunters,” Condra stated. “With that being said, I am also aware of the challenges in continuing to reach and attract new players once the game is launched and into its life-cycle. This is a movement I would love to have persist at the very least through the entire development cycle of World, if not the future of Monster Hunter.”

This means YOU can help. Get out there and tell a friend, tell your mom to tell her friends, post this shit on social media, shout it from the mountain tops. “HUNTERS YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!” If not, events like PAX South will be promoting the cause as well. Community Managers from Capcom are also aware of the initiative and are out there fighting the good fight. Seriously though, how long would it take you to make a post on Facebook or shoot out a tweet? Don’t be lazy.

Monster Hunter: World‘s own director, Ryozo Tsujimoto is even aware of the importance of the “veteran/newbie” relationship. Apparently this system structure has been in place for some time now, its just not well known..

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“We also see quite a lot of the time, when you’re joining the online community after you’ve maybe taken a little time to get into the game’s single-player, a lot of veteran hunters like to show the ropes to newbies. Have them tag along on quests and have them maybe even come along as a … like a trainee, almost, where you don’t have to do all the work, but you can come along and see how we do things and relax.”

Mmm doesn’t that sound nice?

While Monster Hunter: World will see some improvements to make it more accessible to first time players, its nice to see the game’s director and Condra are in the same mind set. Condra has stated that this philosophy is the driving force behind the group’s movement.

“The group of hunters that have painstakingly crafted such a welcoming, helpful, and brotherly community over eight years deserve to have that work rewarded by us making the effort to preserve it. While not an all-encompassing message; If we can keep a hundred angry players from quitting out of frustration and telling their friends that Monster Hunter sucks, then that’s a win for us.”

So help us help them get the word out. Monster Hunter: World is NOT a game you have to take on by yourself. Get out there and join the cause and make sure you tell your fellow hunters, “you are not alone!”

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