Monster Hunter: World requires the use of numerous materials to create weapons and armour throughout the game. Each enemy you fight will drop items unique to that monster, some of these have elemental properties. Most notably these are the various different types of sacs. Poison Sacs, Fire Sacs, Electro Sacs, Aqua Sacs and Sleeper Sacs to name the important ones. These can either be acquired by carving pieces from a monster, dropped as “broken parts”, safari, or quest rewards.

Farming sacs is really quite straight forward; Pick your target and hunt it into extinction. To maximise your odds on acquiring the elemental sac of your choice focus your attacks on your target’s head. Most of the elemental attacks are projectile based and often fired from your target’s mouth. Breaking your target’s face increases your odds of acquiring a sac as a quest reward and occasionally as a broken part drop and collecting the monster material. The latter is an uncommon occurrence but it can happen.

To further increase your chances of getting an elemental sac I recommend capturing your prey rather than killing it and carving the corpse. Capturing a monster in Monster Hunter: World often gives greater rewards and more monster materials. The more parts you break the more materials you acquire at the end, just be sure to break the face!

Investigations are great for aiding material farming of any and all descriptions due to the extra bonus rewards for successful completion. Not to mention the modifiers that apply to the stage while you’re wandering around. Sure that’s not going to influence your monster carves or related material drops, but every little helps!

Where to find Poison Sacs in Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World Pukei Pukei Render


Poison sacs are likely the first type of sac you’re going to encounter. This elemental sac drops from Pukei-Pukei, the first enemy to utilise a status ailment attack against you.

Pukei-Pukei can be a real pain to bring down in Monster Hunter: World due to its over use of poison spit and the abundance of poison plants in the areas you encounter it. Luckily though, we want it to spit poison, the more poison it spits, the more facetime you get and it makes breaking this guy’s putrid mug that little bit easier.

Higher rank Poison Sac+ will only drop during the High Rank monster hunts available when you get to that special point in the main story. This also applies to all materials and their plus rank versions.

Where to find Aqua Sacs in Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World Jyuratodus Render


Probably the dumbest name for an item in Monster Hunter: World but I guess you can’t call them “Aqua Lungs” or “Bladder”. Anyways, these are likely the second elemental sac you’re going to see. Aqua sacs drop from everyone’s favourite weird axolotl/eel monster, the Jyuratodus. This thing won’t be winning any beauty contests and is one of the trickier monsters to get sacs from.

Jyuratodus has a bad habit of rolling in mud, creating an extra layer of protection on it’s head and due to the awkward shape and moveset, getting to its face is a pain.

I recommend traps wherever possible and rodeo-ing it’s head whenever you get the chance. Bring someone with an insect glaive for the vault manoeuvre to increase facetime and your chances of getting those sought after aqua sacs.

Where to find Electro Sacs in Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World Tobi Kadachi Render


Unsurprisingly, Electro Sacs are dropped by everyone’s favourite electric flying squirrel, Tobi-Kadachi. A little easier to wrangle than the Jyuratodus, but more health and a more challenging kill make this guy a piece of work. Bringing a water weapon makes bringing this beast down a simpler task and now you know how to get aqua sacs on command, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Tobi is a hyper-active little bastard so be sure to trap him where possible, preferably using Shock Traps (Trap Tool + Thunderbug) as these lower his head and leave it in a more static location, letting you wail on him with ease. The abundance of ledges in his combat arenas make mounting him a lot easier than other marks so you can really hammer that face.

Where to find Flame Sacs in Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World Anjanath Render

Probably the most annoying but abundant of the elemental sacs in Monster Hunter: World, as these can be obtained from Anjanth, Rathian and Rathalos hunts. Only problem is that these three are quite challenging solo-hunts and can prove difficult in restraining. Again, traps and paralysis are your friends here. Immobilise your target as often as possible.

When dealing with the flighty twins, bring antidotes and preferably someone with a ranged weapon to help keep them grounded. Their faces are easier to hit than Anjanth’s and quite a blind-spot, sheltering you from a wide range of their attacks.

Anjanth is a law unto itself. Mounting its head is a little easier than our winged friends but still no small task and should be approached with the usual caution; none.

Where to find Sleep Sacs in Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World Radobaan Render

Sleep Sacs are the last elemental sac you’re going to encounter in Monster Hunter: World and boy are they fun to farm! As you can expect, your target here has a bad habit of exuding knock-out gas like some kind of Bond villain, if Bond villains were 12ft tall, covered in monster-bone armour and spent all their time rolling into a ball to flatten you.

That’s right, your mark here is the Rotten Vales’ Radobaan. You remember the Uragaan from Monster Hunter 3? Well his emo big brother is here and he’s pissed at everything. Farming this guy is… tedious. Bring something sharp and plenty of friends to keep this guy busy while you sharpen your weapon for the 200th time. Attacking Radobaan’s face can cause issues for a lot of low-grade weapons, due to his armour and a chin that would make Bruce Campbell proud! Thankfully, as this guy releases a cloud of knock-out gas, you don’t need to focus on his head to get the sleep sacs to drop!

Work the body and knock off the armour as quick as possible to get at this brute’s tender under belly. Using a Longsword and its spirit slash abilities make cutting through the armour a lot easier and more likely to break some parts.

Where to find Frost Sacs in Monster Hunter: World

Frost Sacs are another challenging one to acquire simply because your target is the overly flighty Legiana. Getting this bastard to stand still is the issue. Legiana spends more time in the air than your average Rathalos and it’s a real pain in the ass.

Make good use of your various stunning effects available to you, flash pods/bombs especially. These should help bring Legiana to the floor, allowing you to land some solid hits on its face. Bringing a ranged weapon user with you would serve you well, especially if they are stacking some serious status effects. Focus on the face and lay waste.

Watch out for Legiana’s icy-wind based attacks, ice-blight slows your stamina recovery further than water-blight. Nulberries are scattered liberally around the Coral Highlands so shouldn’t pose much of an issue but beware!

Where to find Screamer Sacs in Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World Noios Render

Screamer sacs aren’t an elemental sac and really aren’t all that important. You can use these to craft certain ammo and bombs to distract and disorientate but otherwise they’re pretty useless.

In Monster Hunter: World screamer sacs are easiest to obtain from fighting the wingdrakes you see flying about. Bring a projectile weapon to make things easier, but you can easily dispatch them using the slinger and miscellaneous ammo knocking about. Given the abundance of these critters you can build up a healthy stock of screamer sacs without much hassle.

That’s pretty much it. For more Monster Hunter: World goodness, why not check out our review or for more information head to the game’s website.

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