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The most recent Monster Hunter: World trailer showcases a number of Elder Dragons we’ll be encountering throughout the game. To say these beasts are large is an understatement. It will take everything you’ve got to take down one of these god-like creatures.

For those unfamiliar with the series, it’s important to understand what these monstrosities are and how formidable they can be.

To start, the new trailer showcases some returning Elder Dragons from previous titles. The Kushala Daora and Teostra are considered an “ultra-powerful” sub-category of monsters that have lived since ancient times, some were even worshipped as gods.

Of the Elder Dragons shown, two have been featured in previous trailers, the Nergigante and the Zorah Magdaros. The aforementioned dragon will be available to hunt in the final Beta taking place between January 18-21. An unknown dragon-like monster from the trailer below was also teased at the end of the Rotten Vale trailer, but whether this is another Elder Dragon is yet to be seen.

Monster Hunter: World – What Are The Elder Dragons? - n3rdabl3

So, what makes a dragon an “Elder Dragon”?

For starters, they all have a similar physiological make up. Put simply, they look like a dragon, wings, arms and legs. Some have been known to be a bit more unique than that though, like Kirin from the original Monster Hunter, or the gargantuan Zorah Magdaros.

What mainly ties all these creatures together is their shear power. A single Elder Dragon can decimate entire ecosystems, they can live to ancient ages and most have mastered some form of element or weather.

These dragons make for some insanely difficult encounters and are borderline impossible to kill in one fight. Generally an Elder Dragon encounter is split up over a few quests, you drive them away multiple times before finally slaying them for good. Each time you encounter an Elder Dragon, the damage you do to them is retained, so each fight brings you closer to victory.

Monster Hunter: World – What Are The Elder Dragons? - n3rdabl3The entire premise of Monster Hunter World is that the Elder Dragons are migrating to the “New World” for unknown reasons. Their unpredictability and power make them extremely hard to drive away. Due to this the Guild in Monster Hunter: World keeps tabs on every one.

In an attempt to understand what was causing this migration, the Guild assembled the Research Committee, an elite group of hunters tasked with solving this mystery. This is where the story of Monster Hunter: World begins. Your character is part of the Fifth Fleet that arrives in the New World. Your responsibility is to find the cause of the migration and unravel the origins and purpose of these Elder Dragons.

You can check out the Elder Dragons trailer below, and for everything Monster Hunter keep checking back with us at n3rdabl3, we’ve got you covered!

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