Niantic will no longer support Pokémon Go on Apple devices that aren’t running iOS11. Older iPhone devices incapable of running the new software (such as the iPhone 5) will be unable to play the game after a new update goes live on February 28.

The developer has given the reason for this change, though it’s unlikely to satisfy those players who will lose access to Pokémon Go. The additional features and improvements Niantic are making to the game need the extra power that iOS11 gives devices.

Improvements such as dynamic weather and adding later generations of Pokemon have all had an impact.

Those without iOS11 won’t be able to do basic actions in the game such as spend pokecoins or view and use items in the players bag.

Pokémon Go Legendary Birds

Pokemon Go players on older iPhones shouldn’t despair though, there’s still a chance they’ll be able to play Wizards Unite – a Harry Potter augmented reality game.

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