Power Rangers: Shattered Grid is going to see every Power Ranger since the early 90s team up to fight a bigger threat. So imagine an Avengers movie but with more robots and primary colours.

We’ve already been teased that it won’t just be the good guy rangers but also the bad rangers, and what I mean by bad rangers is basically in how most seasons of Power Rangers, somehow a team of duplicate rangers are created which tend to be evil. A good example is the Physco Rangers from Power Rangers in Space.

Of course, over the years, it’s been implied that there have been more teams of Power Rangers that have never appeared on our TV screens. This tends to be the seasons of Super Sentai which don’t get dubbed because they came before Mighty Morphin’ or weren’t too popular like Go-Busters or that Sentai with trains.

So here is are my 5 dreams picks for Boom’s upcoming mega Power Rangers: Shattered Grid event.

The Corrupt A-Squad from Power Rangers SPD

Power Rangers SPD A-Squad

At the start of SPD (which stands for Space Patrol Delta) we find that our heroes are the B-Squad as the top squad of SPD Rangers are feared to have died in combat.

It’s later revealed they’ve gone evil and are truly corrupt. The fandom gave these characters names and it would be fun for their story to be flesh out a little more.

Like why did they turn their backs on SPD? Why are helmets similar to the ones that Power Rangers in Space used?

I know in terms of production they just used the old In Space suits, but surely there has to be a cool in-story reason.

The Zeo Rangers from that one issue from Image Comics

Poweer Rangers ZEO Rangers

Back in the 90s, Image Comics began to series for Power Rangers series that promised crossovers and left us with a cliff-hanger.

Can these roided up versions of the Zeo Rangers come back at least finish the meal they started?


Power Rangers Go-Busters

This is the first sentai I watched the whole way through. Sadly it didn’t do so great in Japan and so far, hasn’t made it to the west.

What it didn’t have in product placement. It made up with lots of spirit and heart.

Sky’s Dad from Power Rangers SPD

Again, this might have been Disney just re-using old costumes they had left around, but why is Sky’s dad wearing a Timeforce uniform?

Is he a Timeforce Ranger and does that mean SPD and Timeforce are the same organisation?

The Western Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

One of the best two-part episodes from the Power Rangers franchise saw Pink Ranger, Kimberly, go back to the era of the Wild West and recruit a team of her pal’s ancestors to Morph into cowboy versions of the descendants.

Cowboy boots and revolvers are included in these costumes. Of course, I want to see that.

Have I missed any? Why don’t you let us know in the comments below! Boom!’s Power Rangers: Shattered Grid event begins in Issue #25.

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