PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) publisher Microsoft and developer PUBG Corp. have released another patch for the Xbox One version of the game that could put an end to people surviving top-ten in vehicles.

Since the launch of PUBG on Xbox One players have found a very interesting way to survive the final few circles in the game, and that’s to simply drive around erratically in a vehicle. The reason this is so effective is due to the more slower-aiming mechanics on consoles, something the PC Master Race doesn’t have to worry about.

Unfortunately this has made it fairly difficult and annoying for players who would rather play the game than act like an idiot in a vehicle. Fortunately for those players the new patch which is available now on Xbox One will hopefully put an end to this little problem as vehicles have been nerfed considerably making them more susceptible to damage.

Full patch notes can be found on reddit, but the short version is simple, weapon damage has been increased overall, and has “significantly” been increased if you shoot out tires. Grenade damage to vehicles has also been buffed.

For those being targeted by a vehicle, damage has been slightly decreased when rammed, however, if you’re the one behind the wheel, you’ll take more damage if you crash into the environment as well as other vehicles.


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