The Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has received another new patch that’s set to address a number of issues as well as bringing a new control scheme.

When PUBG launched on Xbox One many were a little confused as to why the developers mapped the controls the way they did. I mean, who toggles aim-down-sight on a controller? Either way, a new patch coming to the Xbox One version is set to fix this with a new control scheme.

Although we’ve become used to the finicky controls, this new control scheme will make things a little more comfortable as players will now be able to hold LT to aim-down-sights with third-person aiming mapped to the left bumper. A few other changes have also come with the new scheme including mapping the pistol select to up on the D-Pad.

This new preset is available in the options menu as well as details on the full layout.

pubg screenshot

Improvements on the game’s rubber banding issue have also been implemented, as well as enhanced server performance when parachuting in – so maybe soon we’ll actually be able to see the fully rendered house before we’ve been on the ground for five minutes.

Full patch notes can be found on the game’s forums.

PUBG has hit three million players on Xbox One, despite the game’s many flaws. This update is just one of many updates planned for the future, and they can’t come fast enough.

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