DONTNOD Entertainment have released the second in their four-part video series for their upcoming RPG, Vampyr, this time exploring the game’s musical score and the atmosphere found in 1918 London.

Dontnod Presents Vampyr – Episode 2: Architects of the Obscure shows off even more gameplay footage as the creative team explains more about the visuals and music which brings the Spanish flu stricken London to life. The video also dives deep into various parts of the city which players will discover along their journey, each of which has their own distinct style and citizens.

From Whitechapel to the West End each district has its own struggles, and if players aren’t careful can be completely struck off the map, depending on what choices they make. Other locations in Vampyr like Pembroke Hospital provide plenty of resources for the game’s protagonist, Jonathan Reid, who can put his medical skills to good use… or alternatively, feed on the weak.

There’s also some clips of the musical score composed by Olivier Deriviere who himself discusses how he developed the score and how the Jonathan’s personal conflict translates to music.

Check it out below:

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The next two trailers will be arriving within the next two weeks every Thursday. Vampyr is set to launch in “Spring 2018” and there’s a high chance the final video in the series will have a more definite release date. At least, we hope.

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