Yes, you read that title right. In the next few months, Target will have a Funko Pop of sexy Jeff Goldblum on their shelves exclusively.

By “sexy Jeff Goldblum,” we mean Jeff Goldblum from the scene of Jurassic Park after he has been attacked by the Tyrannosaurus Rex and taken back to the compound for medical attention. The medical attention involves Jeff Goldblum sprawled across a padded medical table, shirt open to the shoulders, nary a wound in sight, seemingly wishing that someone would just draw him like one of their French girls.

Sexy Jeff Goldblum won’t be the only Jurassic Park figure coming out in honor of the first film’s 25th anniversary, though. There will also be a regular Jeff Goldblum, fully buttoned up, with sunglasses, Sam Neill, Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) and John Hammond (Richard Attenborough).

There will also be a few dinosaur figures: a Velociraptor, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and two versions of Dilophosaurus. There will be a regular Dilophosaurus and an “attack mode” Dilophosaurus that has his frills up. The “attack mode” Dilophosaurus will also be available in a bundle with a version of Dennis Nedry that has been splattered with spat-up venom. This set will be an Entertainment Earth exclusive.

Although an Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) Pop hasn’t been revealed yet, the Funko Pop blog has said she will be a part of a Pop! Rides set, so presumably she will be paired with one of the iconic Jurassic Park tour cars.

Although some sites are citing February as the release month for these figures (or at least for sexy Jeff Goldblum specifically), Entertainment Earth has March listed for their Jurassic Park preorders, and we’ve seen March 15 as a specific release date on Jurassic Outpost. Target does not appear to have listings for any of the new Funko Pops yet, unfortunately. Rest assured, though, that the Goldblum-loving N3rdabl3 cast will be ready to camp out when more specific dates are available, and we’re still pushing our Goldblum-Replacing-the-Mona Lisa agenda just as strongly as ever.

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