This past weekend Steam hit a new high: 18.5 million concurrent users, a growth of over 4 million since January 2017.

Yesterday afternoon (Sunday, January 7 2018) Steam had hit a new peak of 18.5 million concurrent users for the first time. The highest peak since the distributor hit 14.4 million back in January, 2017.

In terms of games actually being played, this number equated to around 7 million with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds remaining on top of the list with a peak of 2.9 million players, followed by DOTA 2 for 765,000, and CS:GO at 630,000.

2017 was an impressive year for gaming, and these numbers show it. PUBG is one of those breakout hits which has no doubt helped improve these numbers as it’s the first non-Valve game to surpass Valve titles like CS:GO and DOTA 2, no mean feat.

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