After what feels like an eternity, Broken Lizard are back with Super Troopers 2, the sequel to their cult classic, Super Troopers.

17 years later, Super Troopers 2 is finally upon us, and what a glorious year it’ll be. While the movie has been in the final parts of production since last year, we’ve been waiting on Fox to treat us to a trailer, and that time is meow.

After a lengthy crowdfunding campaign which saw the movie receive its funding, and then some, we’ve got our first glimpse of the movie that we’ve been waiting so long for, and I can’t wait. While many could hardly care less as they’ve grown up into adulthood since the first movie graced our screens, there are still those of us which cling onto the “meow” gag like a dried up liter of cola.

What am I talking about, shut up and watch the trailer already:

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Super Troopers 2 is set to land in theatres on “the big weed day” also known as 4.20, or April 20, 2018 for you cultured swines.

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