The Surge – A Walk in the Park is the first major update to the sci-fi Souls-like title and it’s a pretty good one at that. You take a trip into the wonderful world of Creo-World! A fun filled amusement park full of wholesome family fun and thrills!

With two ways into the area, one early game and the other semi-late game, A Walk in the Park is easily accessible to players no matter where they are in the game. The term “easily” is loosely applied here… it’s a souls-like after all. And it is The Surge so you can fully expect it to be slightly less than advertised!

The Surge (it’s not a spoiler, it’s in the title) hit Creo-World just as hard as the Creo facility, if not harder. Creo-World is built on top of a giant sink hole and it seems like whatever was keeping the park afloat is no longer doing the trick. There’s a huge crevasse on one side and what is left standing is falling apart pretty fast. The whole place is also full of crazy psychotic robo-mascots too… pretty it is, A Walk in the Park it aint!

The Surge - A Walk In The Park Screenshot

Full disclosure, I was pretty late game when I took a stroll through Creo-World and so it wasn’t really all that challenging until the very end. The mascots are plentiful and out to tear Warren apart but I found myself taking on 3 or 4 at time with little to no trouble. They’re certainly interesting enemies and can keep you entertained for the novelty value of whomping a giant donut man in the face with a plasma axe.

The tougher enemies come later and those who have made it deep into the main game will recognise some of them and these are the real challenge. They hit hard and their reach makes them pretty formidable so tread carefully and take ’em one at a time! Sadly there’s only two bosses in the DLC areas, the first is a little underwhelming but the second is really quite fun! Not exactly challenging but again that’s probably due to being horribly over-powered for the section.

Creo-World is pretty well designed and put together. All throughout the main facility there’s an intricate network of tunnels and shortcuts and Creo-World is no exception. The level architecture is amazing, if it wasn’t for all the psycho-robots it would be quite fun! It really does feel like a theme park in places, it’s just a shame the Rollercoaster cinematic is so short and only happens once.

Although the rides were an interesting way to get around and the place wouldn’t have been the same without them, they weren’t implemented as much as they could have been. The overall aesthetic of the area is brighter and cheerier than the majority of the rest of the game but that doesn’t make it any less treacherous!

The Surge - A Walk In The Park Screenshot

The most interesting part of The Surge – A Walk in the Park is the story. I’m not meaning the rescue and repair douchebag you meet in the mobile OPS centre. The most interesting part if filling in parts of Warren’s backstory. Our gristled hero remains something of a mystery throughout the whole game and we get the chance to find out what happened to him and how he came to be on that one way train to changing his life! You get greeted by a cheery synthetic voice as soon as you enter the park, welcoming you back. If you’re anything like me you’ll say “Wha?” in a really dumb voice. To avoid spoilers I’m not going to say anything more but it’s an interesting addition to the story no less.

Would I say that the DLC is worth it? Not just yet… it’s painfully short lived and not really worth the tag. Although its an interesting addition to the game and the story, it doesn’t have much longevity. Maybe I was too over-powered to find it as challenging as it should have been but after 4 hours it’s over and you’re left wanting more! It’s a blessing and a curse really, it’s great that you’re left wanting more from A Walk in the Park. But it’s a shame it doesn’t last all that long!

The Surge – A Walk in the Park is fun and makes a nice addition to the game but unfortunately, far too short.

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