Vampyr developer DONTNOD Interactive have released the first in a four-part series of videos highlighting the upcoming RPG and its various elements. This first video takes a look at the game’s monsters as well as unveiling some new gameplay footage of the upcoming title.

Entitled Episode I: Making Monsters, this trailer takes a look behind the scenes at the French studio and dives deep into the creativity behind the project. We also get a deeper insight into the game’s protagonist, or antagonist depending on how you look at it, Jonathan Reid, a doctor-turned-vampire. These new found powers – or struggles – thrust Reid into a dark underworld he never saw prior to his transformation full of creatures he’d rather not have discovered.

From the Ancient Ekons (the name of the vampires in Vampyr) who lurk in the shadows, Vulkods who scout the streets at night for easy pickings, and Skals, who inhabit the darkest corners of the city.

The video also takes a look at Vampyr‘s setting, which is 1918 London during the Spanish Flu epidemic. This setting brings the conflict Reid must face as he fights the urge to feed whilst also his desire to heal the sick. Players must decide between curing and killing, as each action has its consequences and one wrong move could wipe out an entire district.

Check out the new video below and be sure to tune in over the next couple of weeks for each video as it arrives.

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Vampyr is set to land on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, in Spring 2018.

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