Doctor Who

Doctor Who is due go through a huge change this year since they decided to cast the new Doctor as someone who has longer hair than usual.

From where I stand this new lady Doctor could either breathe some new life into the show or fart it into the abyss. Though my penchant for Doctor Who wasn’t always like this, there was a time I didn’t particularly like Doctor Who, when I say that, I mean the TV show. Not the actual Timelord, since I’ve never met him.

Back before Rose Tyler did battle with the Daleks and Doctor Who was rebooted, I did not care for a show which looked a bit daft and silly with it’s not so great special effects and constant sense of doom. Then again, a lot of British sci-fi is quite downbeat as a team of heroes battle against a huge overwhelming threat that hits so close to home for English viewers since it’s in a very familiar setting that most of us know.

It wasn’t until one fateful Christmas did the charm and banter of David Tennant did I get into the show, despite many attempts from friends and family to get me to do so. The Christmas special that introduced my Doctor seemed fairly routine. On the horizon was a big alien threat that the goods guys could not beat and all was looking blue and glum.

Of course, I already knew that the bad guys won’t win, but sometimes it’s about seeing how victory is achieved as I saw the charming and dad-joke-telling Scot competently wipe out the bad guys in pyjamas with some cool sword fighting as well.

I was hooked, it began a dozen Saturday nights glued to the TV following the adventures of The Doctor. That being said, I didn’t like Matt Smith much since he felt like a hipster who tried too hard, I did on the other hand love the grumpy old Peter Capaldi who was hampered by bad storytelling.

I can’t help wondering if my passion for the show will be reunited or if every generation has their one special actor who played The Doctor.

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