Telltale has announced that the next episode in their popular Batman Enemy Within series will be released on Tuesday, January 23.

Now on its second season, the game has received praise for its direction and story from critics (including n3rdabl3). The unique retelling of the Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship has been especially commended for shaking up long time fans’ expectations of the duo.

The penultimate episode in the series, ‘What Ails You?’ will see Bruce and Batman faced with even more dilemmas as the web of lies the Dark Knight has spun over the course of the season begins to unravel. 

Mild spoiler starts here.

The promotion information for the latest episode also mentions that Batman’s unusual relationship with John Doe (The Joker) may finally come to a head. Whether or not this confrontation can capitalise on the strange relationship we’ve come to enjoy from these two characters remains to be seen.

Look out for our review of episode four but in the meantime check out our review of episode 3, ‘Fractured Mask’.

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