As you grow up, things change. You get taller and your voice gets deeper and one day, you just won’t watch Saturday morning kids TV anymore. Yes, it’ll happen to you too and you won’t realise until much later on. Though if you’re like me, who remembers the names of most Power Rangers, you will remember that fateful day.

Since everyone has their favourite Saturday morning cartoon or TV show, I’ll talk about mine: Power Rangers. Which I tend to talk about a lot. So let’s turn the clocks back to about 2002 or 2003, around the time things changed for the Power Rangers.

Post-Power Rangers Lost Galaxy the decision was made that previous shows wouldn’t be linked. Kind of like Super Sentai, the Japanese TV show it borrows it footage and stories from.

Light Speed Rescue was great as we saw a whole new theme or Power Rangers working with spiffy matching jackets. Power Rangers Time Force brought us something totally different and welcomed as we followed a team of time lost rangers. Then came Wildforce and this is where the rave childhood reviews from me stop.

Power Rangers Wild Force

Something about the show didn’t quite capture my childhood attention. Maybe it was the aesthetic, the costumes looked too similar the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers uniforms, but just way cheaper looking. Also, I don’t like Morphers that look like mobile phones, I prefer a bracelet or Power Coin.

Phones change to quickly and stand out too much, plus the fact that the morphing sequence involves you dialling means making a phone call quite tricky. Add in a story and setting that didn’t quite capture my imagination about a team of animal lovers and some not so great CGI, and that was me out.

Of course, those who loved the show, good for you, I know everyone has their favourite show of Power Rangers. Even Power Rangers Turbo (see the works of Linkara do understand that reference).

Though Ninja Storm looked cool, I didn’t have time to watch it, but I did have a breath Summer Holiday love affair with Dino Thunder and y’know getting back into when I was a bit older.

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