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New Multiplayer Details and Characters Unveiled for Code Vein

Code Vein

Bandai Namco have released new screenshots for their upcoming Souls-like action RPG Code Vein, which is set to release later this year. The screenshots showcase the games multiplayer mode along with a couple new characters!

Players will be able to answer “requests” for help from fellow Revenants that have yet to “Get Gud”. Being a Souls-like game, Code Vein will certainly offer it’s fair share of difficulties so being able to join up with a friend will be helpful for those less-experienced players. Players will be able to communicate through a variety of gestures, stamps, and voice commands as well #teamwork. Whats that?? You have no friends? Well fret not, the game comes with an option to explore and defeat enemies with a handy A.I. companion!

Karen and Cruz are the new additions to the A.I./companion roster. Karen is the elder sister of Louis who was killed and later revived as a Revenant. Think of Karen as a support style character; she holds back and is ready with those healing items and hugs. At least she better be ready with those healing items if she knows whats good for her! Cruz, the poor woman, has withstood more experiments than anyone should have to endure. In an attempt to save mankind, Cruz was subjected to unsuccessful test after unsuccessful test and inevitably became destruction incarnate.

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