Fire Emblem Heroes

Sweet, sweet romance is on the horizon for Fire Emblem fans as Fire Emblem Heroes Valentine’s Event is on its way.

February 9 will see the release of Fire Emblem Heroes’ latest seasonal banner, aptly titled “Love Abounds” in honor of Valentine’s Day – with all of the chocolate, flowers, and wallet-draining acts of love we’ve come to embrace with holiday.

Four new character designs were unveiled through Nintendo Mobile’s YouTube page on February 7th, with a fifth bonus unit hidden within the new video. The seasonal units are available through the free-to-play mobile game for a limited time and will likely not appear again until future events.

Fan favorite characters from Fire Emblem’s seventh instalment, Blazing Blade, make “Love Abounds” one of Heroes’ most anticipated events to date. It’s notable for being the first banner to not feature any characters from Fire Emblem Awakening or Fates, whose prevalence in past events have stirred criticism from players seeking more diversity in the Heroes’ cast.

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Roy, Lilina, Lyn, and Hector all ranked highly in Nintendo’s latest player poll, with Hector beating out over 800 characters for the top spot as Fire Emblem Heroes’ most popular unit. The one ‘secret’ character unveiled in the announcement, Eliwood, will not appear as a summonable unit on the Love Abounds banner, but instead be made available for free to players who participate in Heroes’ Tempest Trial, which will open as a limited time in-game event later this month.

Fire Emblem Heroes has released a number of seasonal banners since it’s launch last February in an attempt to keep the game fresh for regular players, as well as to draw in longtime franchise fans. Reskinning units with new classes and costumes always opens the door for bold twists on old characters, most of whom bring juicy, controversial changes to the game’s meta upon their arrival. Bridal themes, swimsuit banners, and holiday events keeps Nintendo’s first ever gacha game fairly exciting; for some players, the right banner could be just enticing enough to shell out thousands for reimagined versions of their favorite characters.

For those prioritizing their 3D love lives this year, check the gallery below for the latest character designs. For all you members of the lonely hearts club out there, at least your boy Roy is coming home with flowers… cause according to Hector, he sure as hell ain’t bringing Lilina home. Now that’s what we call a pity breaker.

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