Sony has unveiled the latest games that’ll be available as part of February 2018’s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection, and one of them is a real gem.

With January coming to a close, Sony has got a handful of goodies in store for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Beginning February 6, PlayStation 4 players will be able to jump into the game which no one really cared that much about, but it got a sequel anyway: Knack.

Apparently this title has been often requested to be part of PlayStation Plus, so here it is. Jump into the action platform as Knack as you take on mass to solve an array of puzzles. Lovely. Why not have a little read of our review if you’re still not convinced.

As for that Gem I was talking about, the second title for PS4 players is RiME from Tequila Works. It’s a stunning little title which has players exploring various locations from beaches to temples and giant structures.

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In our review, Jake wrote that “RiME has some of the prettiest visuals of any game I’ve played and practices excellent pacing throughout. The emotional gut punch at the end has burnt the game forever into my memory as a profound, beautiful and often contemplative experience. It borrows the best parts from games you love and creates something well worth your time.”

Sony once again have another PS Plus bonus on offer, but it’s not their Jackbox rip-off “That’s You” oh no, it’s StarBlood Arena, the PS VR multiplayer shooter.

Other games on offer are Spelunker HD (PS3), Mugen Souls Z (PS3), Exiles End (PS Vita), and Grand Kingdom (PS Vita & PS4).

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